Subcollect was developed by InWarmte and InSignal. InSignal and InWarmte are part of the InEnergie Group, a carefully selected portfolio of renewable energy companies. Together we cover all aspects of the heat supply chain: From design, to development and operations. This deep yet broad knowledge on the heat chain ensures the high-quality development of our products, aiming to drive innovation in the heat supply transition. Subcollect allows us to make our knowledge and expertise in collective heating and cooling invoicing accessible to you.


InEnergie manages its own heat and solar energy systems as well as energy systems on behalf of clients. We provide expertise and solutions to accelerate the transition to innovative energy systems for established players. The group has 25 employees at the time of writing and is growing exponentially: It is currently developing heat networks for over 4,000 end-users and works together with organizations such as Vattenfall and Amvest, as well as cities such as Hoofddorp and Arnhem.


Subcollect has been developed by a group of experienced heat supply experts since 2017, initially for our own invoicing processes. We rapidly realised that we had to streamline many of our administrative processes to be able to continue to grow exponentially. We’ve now made this system available to other heat operators, and we continue to grow our SaaS offering – towards the market, into the building, and integrating with heat network dispatch control centres.



Subcollect now being its own independent product doesn’t steer us from our original mission and view on the energy landscape: Heat will increasingly be decentralised, electrified, and operate on low temperatures. Our goal is to manage this decentral and clean heat for the decentral landscape. This ensures that even small heat communities are able to divide heat costs fairly between them with, minimal effort. We able to provide building and area energy solutions but our service offers various packages, from a basic service to a full service with custom integrations and supported by live agents. Giving heat operators as much or as little support as needed.


We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and therefore work transparently. When making connections, we have a clear eye for the most suitable combination of technology, sustainability, efficiency and practical feasibility. Our heat and software engineers enable new heat propositions and make existing ones more efficient, tailoring our service to our customers’ individual needs.


All this takes our initial plans that much further and highlights all that is possible in the decarbonizing energy landscape. Together with our clients we can look at what we have achieved so far and be proud. It gives a good feeling: smart solutions for each other and a great investment for the future.